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Where do our beliefs come from?

I have always been curious about the social world around us. The questions of why we do the things we do followed me on different stages of my education. Having to choose one university subject seemed too constraining, as the world around me was so much richer than one methodology could ever grasp. Thankfully, the University of Warsaw offered a different path in the form of what at that time was called Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Humanities. While the name might sound complicated, it was quite straightforward. In a nutshell it meant: study what you want, how you want and to the extent you want, as long as you will follow at least three different subjects. This is what I did: I focused on law, added liberal arts to that, and combined all of it with philosophy, psychology, economics and others.

Over four years of studying law, I realised that it is not the rules that govern everyday life, but our beliefs about them. That is why I moved to Scandinavia and studied the roots of religious beliefs in an immensely plural and international environment. Since then, I am focusing on the complex relation of law and religion and the ways in which these two interact.

It is crucial to share ideas

Even the best ideas, if communicated badly, will not get required attention. And the academic writing has its specificity, which should be supported by other channels of communication. This is why I am always trying out new forms of writing and speaking, that allow me to go beyond the "ivory tower" and reach out to everyone interested in the subject.

Recent publications

In progress:

Inverted Relationship: The Constitutive Theory of Law and the Enforcement of Orthodoxy.

An article for the monography "Law, Religion, and Tradition: Dismissal or Recovery?" in the new Springer Series Law and Religion in a Global Context, edited by F. S. Ravitch, A. Pin and J. Giles.

Recently published:

In the Search for a Truly Multi-Faith Space. Multi-Faith Paradigm as a Secularism 2.0 and What To Do About That

An article for the Special Issue of the "Religions" journal, "The Public Role of Religion", edited by R. Cipriani and O. Lopes, Jr.


sustainability in a student bar

Sustainability in a Student Bar

Uniavisen, 10.04.2017

Rites for nones

Rites for ‘Nones’

SCENARIO Magazine, No. 02:2017, pp. 34-35

Screenshot of an Article about Martin Luther

Luther Changed Everything

Uniavisen, 06.01.2017

and others…


Photo by Thaddaeus Lim on Unsplash

Inverted Relationship: The Constitutive Theory of Law and the Enforcement of Orthodoxy

Law, Religion, and Tradition: Dismissal or Recovery?, European Academy of Religion, FSCIRE & University of Bologna

A photo from the conference

In The Search for a Truly Multi-Faith Space

Religions in the Public Space, European Academy of Religion, FSCIRE & University of Bologna

Photo by Siarhei Plashchynski on Unsplash

Challenging Structures: The Constitutive Theory of Law and the Reformation of Orthodoxy

6th Nordic Conference for Philosophy of Religion, University of Oslo

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Inside the Minds of Believers: CSR and the Historical Research

Sixth Annual RefoRC Conference, University of Copenhagen

and others…